You ever wonder what is causing you to break out in hives? Why do you feel tired after eating that certain food? Wouldn’t it be awesome to drink something and be filled with amazing energy? Are you worried your child is lactose intolerant? We have created this hub of health, food allergies, tips, advice, and food intolerances to help the public with their awareness.

There’s so much to learn about our bodies and how they function. We are all different in our own ways. We are unique in the means of what our bodies can consume and how our bodies react to what we do. It can be vital to our health to understand what we should and should not eat and what happens when we do consume those things. We wanted to create a wealth of information to keep our readers and subscribers up to date with new foods, allergies, and intolerances. We also want to be proactive and make sure to go over what we already know, but use it as a refresher. It’s never too late to learn more about your body and starting to understand why certain foods give you headaches.

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